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Revelation 3:18 "I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire, 
that you may become rich..."
"This ministry is
maintained by the Lord
 through the stewardship
of those who value it." 
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Welcome Friends of Book Ministry !!!
We receive quite a few emails from our visitors requesting materials be sent to them. All our books are in digital format and as you find them here on this website, they are free for reading and downloading.
  Your online source for essential spiritual ministry:  
Christian eBooks, articles, audios, videos 
and awesome praise & worship music.
   We have included in our Christian eBook collection such ministry as T. Austin-Sparks, Ruth Paxson, C.H. Mackintosh, Art Katz and other material we believe most essential to spiritual growth and edification. The free Christian ebooks, articles, videos, and audio downloads you will find here may not be the most popular you'll find on the web, in Christian book stores, or at your local church. That does not mean they are not of the highest integrity and quality available.
  The best is not always the most popular.  Gold  has to be mined with great effort and skill. It more often must be sought for than can be expected to be found in plain view. As you discovered this free Christian book ministry website, we are assuming you are seeking spiritual treasure. We are entirely confident you'll find it here. There are many places you can find Christian books, articles, and other forms of spiritual ministry online, but our intention is to provide you the best of the best.
   Our goal is to make the highest quality solid spiritual food available to all who want it. As it takes time and resources to make this book-ministry available online, you will have the opportunity to invest in this gospel outreach. It amazes me how many people we actually reach all over the world when we have a modest financial budget to work with.

Feel free to contact 
Book-Ministry as you explore this online resource for free Christian ebooks, articles, audio & video selections, and awesome music.      

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.
We hope you are blessed, encouraged, and spiritually edified with the plethora of spiritual resources we offer at no charge or cost to you. Check out our audio and video resources in addition to the many books and messages we offer.

 Abundant Blessings,
John Mark
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